Voted The Best Customer Experience in Sonoma County

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been honored with the Best Customer Experience award in the Stars of the Industry Awards by Sonoma County Tourism! Thank you for your support and for voting for us. We couldn’t have achieved this without you!

Book your escape room adventure with us and be part of our award-winning experience!

Family Owned & Operated

Escape rooms are great for family, friends, leisure, competition, team building and are always fun! In-house and portable options are available for birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding proposals, or any event or just any occasion - we love to cater!

This was an amazing experience for the entire family. We are a family of 4… It was easy enough for the kids yet challenging enough for the adults. 

Thank you again for the great experience!


Though the puzzles are made from kids’ toys, they have stumped plenty of adults with its 68% escape rate....

Some Information For You

How to play?

You’ll start by being given a scenario (setting) and escape objective. Once you’ve arrived at your escape room and the timer starts, you’ll explore the space provided. In that space you will come across puzzles and clues that advance you toward the escape objective.

Who should play?

Escape games are fun for everyone! There are no special skills or abilities needed. Bring the kids, the parents, the friends, even the boss, and be ready to have a blast thinking outside the box. Smaller children may need assistance.

For Team Building

When it’s time to get the team out of the office, interactive play is a wonderful way to strengthen bonds. Take your team building to the next level with an escape game experience. You’ll all have a blast in a fun-filled new setting, plus you’ll be working on your communication and problem solving skills as a group! It’s a win-win!

For Onboarding

Turn your next group interview into an exciting and insightful experience. While they play the escape game, you’ll gain insight into how potential candidates communicate, collaborate, problem solve, and take on leadership roles as they forget about the stress of an interview and focus on a fun, immersive, and cooperative objective instead.

For Special Events

We love celebrations and special occasions just as much as we love playing escape games! Let us help you turn your next occasion into a memory-making experience.