What is an Escape Room?

A room set up for 4-10 people who will have an hour to solve the puzzles. The final puzzle allows them to exit (escape) the room. Real-life Escape Room Games are an experiential type of puzzle game involving a physical room and various elements within the room. Generally speaking the participants in the game must interact with the room and its elements to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately reach your main goal within a set time period.

Something You Should Know About Escape Rooms

You are not likely to succeed. Failing to escape is almost as fun as escaping. You will still have a shared experience with friends and a story to tell others.

Don’t Over Dress:

Dress comfortably to bend, stoop, and maybe crawl and/or getting on the ground.

Definitely for the kid at heart and kids are welcome, but must be 14 or older or accompanied by an adult.

Special Events:

  • Team Bulding
  • Birthday Parties
  • Night out with the Guys/Gals
  • Bachelor/ette Parties
  • Unique Wedding Proposals, etc.

Would you like to reserve the whole space for a special event?

We can help you plan your bachelor/ette party, birthday, retirement party, etc.

We even have a shuttle to assist with transportation!
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Team Building – Corporate Events

Escape rooms are great for team building. They increase cooperation, improves communication and provides a shared experience which will help bond your team.

We likely have an option that will suit your business’ needs. Even a mobile escape room that can come to you!!

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Number of employees to participate.

Other Services:

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