December 7th 5:30pm

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sample an escape room and the virtual reality machine.

Come and see what an escape room is and why they are sweeping the nation.
10-15 minute “sample” sized escape room to give you a ‘taste’ of an escape room.
Also experience a ‘ride’ in the virtual reality room.

Starts at 5:30pm.
Light refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by:

Wine Country Escape Room

Wine Country Escape Rooms

Whether you call them escape rooms or puzzle rooms they sweeping the nation. And now, one might be near you.

Breaking News being announced today. Reed Between the Lines has opened an escape room in Rohnert Park, California. This is the first escape room to be offered to California’s beautiful wine county.

Escape Rooms started in Japan in 2007 and reached the United States in 2012 starting in San Francisco. To date, there are escape rooms in 102 countries, over 1300 cities, and over 7,000 rooms worldwide. Competition seems to be good for everyone: as people discover one escape room they embark in search of more.

How do Escape Rooms work?

You and your team are trapped in a real-life escape room; you have a set time limit to escape a room. Explore, adapt, work together, and think creatively by finding clues and solving a series of puzzles that will challenge your mind and ultimately reach your main goal of escape.

In most escape rooms, clues lead to a physical key. But the story of why you’re in the room differs by room and location.

From a fun Saturday-evening activity with friends or a team-building exercise for corporate clients. Reed Between The Lines’ requests for corporate team events are filling on weekdays. Companies can’t seem to get enough of the escape room as a team-building exercise.

Reed Between the Lines’ Grand Opening is July 1st, but reservations are open now. Don’t hesitate. Book a puzzling experience today and amaze your mind.