20% Off Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 All March

20% off tabletop game Pandemic Legacy

This 12-month serial strategy game has you racing against the deck to stop viruses before they spread across the globe. Each month you’ll be given a new mission, meanwhile your circumstances are dependent on previous gameplay. You’ll select 4 characters to play each month, each with their own special ability. Any upgrades or damage are recorded on their player card so you don’t have to play with the same people each mission/play session. Keep in mind, however, that only the characters playing can be upgraded at the end of the round.

Pandemic Legacy is recommended for big kids (14+) and adults. Set-up is a bit intricate and takes a little focus. New circumstances are incorporated with each mission, you’ll need to read the directions carefully. No devices needed for this race around the globe!

We cannot get enough of this game!!

Plus, if you purchase in March, you’ll get 20% off and a free roll of commemorative TP and bonus face mask! Safety First!!


Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • In-Store purchase only.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • One TP/ Face Mask per game purchase while supplies last.
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