Reed’s Featured Experience: The Philosopher’s Stone

The Story

Remember when we could escape to a magical world of witches and wizards? When all that mattered was the Boy Who Lived and beloved icons didn’t get entangled in muggle-world social politics? We do too! We missed it so much, we did the next best thing—provide a wizard-themed portable escape room experience perfect for your next kickback with family, friends, classmates, and even colleagues.

In The Philosopher’s Stone escape game, you are being challenged by the great alchemist Nicholas Flamel. Those with keen eyes and great attention to detail excel by making their way through a game flow of diversely dynamic puzzles. Each solved puzzle gets you one step closer to achieving eternal life.

Do you have what it takes to become the new caretakers of his sacred artifact? Only time will tell, and it’s quickly running out!

Ideal Player Teams

While The Philosopher’s Stone portable escape game is family-friendly, the adventures is one of the most challenging escape quests you’ll undertake. Children 3+ are welcome to play (caution: small pieces). You should expect players under 13 to need significant help.

The entire portable escape game fits comfortably on standard tabletops found in kitchens, classrooms, parks, living rooms, etc. Just make sure that everyone can reach the box on all sides. You can even play the portable escape game on the floor!

Portable Escape Room Games

Where mobile escape games bring an enclosed escape experience to a location via movable trailer or large vehicle, portable escape games are self-contained (think boxes, suitcases, chests, etc.). This allows for the entire escape game experience to happen on location. What location? Virtually any location, limited by game size and type.

On location escape room games turn your special occasions into unforgettable parties. Tired of pizza and movie birthday slumber parties? Spice up the night with a quest. Looking for some fun teambuilding for the office? Schedule a portable escape games for your next extended lunch. Having a few friends over Friday night? You can’t find a more cooperative activity than an escape game—and with the portable Philosopher’s Stone, no one even needs to go out!

That said, on location escape games are fundamentally different than escape room games hosted in a studio. Rather than playing in a controlled environment separated from your devices, portable escape games are more susceptible to  environmental distractions. Too many distractions hamper your success probability.

Considerations for Portable Escape Room Games

There are, in our opinion, a few things you should consider when playing portable escape rooms. The first is number of players. Just because you can have a unlimited players, doesn’t mean you should. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. The Philosopher’s Stone portable escape game is best suited for 3-10 players.

While the theme of a portable escape game can be very alluring, it’s a mistake to disregard your group’s experience level. In a portable escape game, you typically won’t have a gamemaster present to help you in real time should you get stuck. If the provided clue system doesn’t shed enough light, the experience turns from fun and engaging, to frustrating and unappealing.

Lastly, make sure you have space for your portable escape game. As space requirements will vary depending on the adventure, you’ll want to know the size and quantity of equipment before you book. You’ll need ample space to move comfortably around all game components.

Booking Portable Escape Room Experience at Reed Between the Lines

Our portable escape game booking windows are typically 4-hour timeslots occurring twice a day. Morning bookings pick up at 11am and have a 3pm return time. The evening booking block starts at 5pm and is due back at 9pm.

You’ll be giving everything you need to succeed. The game box, a bin for completed puzzles, a jar specifically for opened locks, wands, hats, and of course, you game instructions. Game instructions tell you how to set up the game (don’t worry, it comes ready to play), provides your quest’s story and objective, and has game clues just in case you get stuck.

Game clues for The Philosopher’s Stone are listed per puzzle and have two parts. The first hint is fairly broad and vague, while the second hint provides more context. If you still cannot get it, the puzzles’ answers are upside down after the specific escape puzzle’s hints. Be careful not to peek. We suggest covering the subsequent lines of text when reading clues to avoid accidental reveals.

If you have read both clues, are still stuck, but don’t want to read the answer just yet, you are welcome to give us a call. Any of our gamemasters would be happy to give you a nudge in the right direction! When you’re all done, no need to reset. Just put all loose game pieces back in the bin provided and we’ll take it from there!

At Reed Between the Lines, portable escape room games are where awesome meets flexibility

The Philosopher’s Stone portable escape room experience can be reserved through our website’s booking system or by calling our studio at 707.595.5550. As bookings are billed flat rate, you are welcome to have as many participants as you like.

Subject to availability, we offer several upgrades to make your portable escape game experience extra special. For example, we’ll happily modify booking windows to fit your group’s gathering time. Additionally, portable escape game delivery can be requested for gameplay within our game delivery service area. You can also request a live host to gamemaster your portable escape game on location.

All add-ons can be requested during online reservations. Reservations and additional requests made online, however, are not officially booked (nor charged) until we have contacted you to confirm and solidify your booking details.  Booking early is, of course, your best chance at securing time and request accommodations.

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